We are a progressive Christian community made up of people from a variety of church backgrounds and some who have no church history at all. We are welcoming and affirming to the LGBTQ+ community. Our mission is to respect and appreciate you whatever your religious experience or understanding. We invite you to come with an open mind. We promise to treat you with dignity and to respect you.

As a faith community that seeks to serve and learn, we abide by a list of core values that we feel keeps us focused and grounded.
COURAGE: We stand for what we believe.
CURIOSITY : We keep asking questions.
GRATITUDE: We don’t take what we have for granted.
HONESTY: We believe in and express who we are authentically.
HUMILITY: We hold patient and gracious space for differences.
LOVE: We see the Divine in one another.


We meet at 500 Don Anna Drive in Lexington, Kentucky.
Our Weekly Worship starts at 10:00 am and usually lasts around an hour.
You can wear whatever makes you comfortable.
You can park in the lot behind our building, on the street out front, or in the lot across the street.


Founded by Pastor Marsha J. Moors-Charles, Bluegrass had its first meeting and worship service on January 9, 2011. Since then, attendance has grown along with our faith as people from every kind of background and tradition has found their way to us.

Those very first meetings were in homes before the congregation started meeting in the borrowed Sander’s Chapel on the campus of Lexington Theological Seminary. In 2014 the congregation merged with another and moved into the current building on the northwest side of Lexington. Pastor Marsha retired from pastoral ministry in the summer of 2021. Today, Pam Lee Miller and Kenny Bishop serve as co-pastors of the church.


We believe we have a responsibility to use our voices for good. We march alongside our brothers, sisters and others who have faced injustices and who have been marginalized. We speak up for people of color and the Indigenous People, women, and LGBTQ+ people. We advocate for equality and fairness, and we work toward environmental care and creation justice.


We take a lot of joy in being involved in our community. We believe it’s part of our mission to support and be involved with local community groups and help organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Kentucky Refugee Ministries, We also love working with the Imperial Court of Kentucky, AVOL, Lexington Fairness and other LGBTQ+ organizations, and two of our favorite things to do are being a presence at the Lexington Pride Festival and hosting our own Meals on Heals drag show event that raises money for our Caring for the Kids food outreach. And we’re thrilled to be a part of the Lexington UNITED Gathering that brings together leaders and followers of nearly all of our city’s religious groups and faith traditions.


We are united in our diversity to love and serve in God’s world. We seek to be diverse in race, culture, faith traditions, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, economic status, physical and mental abilities, and in all the ways we are uniquely created.

As a faith community that longs for ways to serve, we have established a set of core practices to serve as our foundation.
We will affirm and value all individuals and all family types.

We will wrestle with tough questions and look past the easy answers.
We will advocate for social justice and peace in our world.
We will blend our worship and liturgy in styles, preferences and tastes.
We will come as we are and journey together authentically.
We will invite others to come as they are, however they express themselves.
We will welcome an informal dress code.
We will read scripture, pray, reflect, meditate, sing and share together.
We will enjoy each other, care for one another, and care for our world.


Worship is the heartbeat of our church, and our goal is provide a place for worshippers to feel free in their expression. Our music is a combination of traditional hymns, current praise songs, and from time to time a new piece written by one of our members or a friend of our church. Our liturgy is just as varied, because we believe that being inclusive and welcoming means we should respect our differences. Our services often include a time of sharing joys and concerns and sharing communion. We believe God extends the invitation without exception, so our table is open to anyone who wishes to come. We have water blessings and baptisms from time to time too.

We do our best to live into our calling that no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.


There’s more to living than church. We work at our jobs and cultivate our careers, take care of our families and keep up our homes, try to get a little exercise, nurture our relationships and maintain the romance. These are the important things in our lives, and we are ready to be as involved as you want us to be.

Our pastors and our team of elders are available to pray with you and offer counsel, provide friendship and spiritual care at the passing of a loved one, visit a hospital or longer care facility, or help provide counsel when the relationship is on edge.

We love to celebrate when two people find companionship and love, and we always take a lot of joy when they decide to commit themselves in marriage. We do weddings here, and we’d be happy to talk to you about yours.


Pam (she/her) has served as associate pastor at Bluegrass since November 2018 and currently serves as co-pastor.

Pam Lee-Miller

Kenny (he/him) has served as associate pastor at Bluegrass since January 2017 and currently serves as co-pastor.

Kenny Bishop

When we say we are progressive in our faith, we are saying that we believe the bible grows as we grow. We read the scriptures with an understanding that they were written long ago, but must be understood in a more modern context with decades and centuries of context and interpretation. more.

Church Clarity is an organization dedicated to scoring churches based on their policies and practices to the larger community. Bluegrass is committed to being transparent and fully inclusive in our ministry, outreach and love. We are proud to have a Verified Clear rating by Church Clarity. You can learn more about them and what a “verified clear” designation is at churchclarity.org.

Bluegrass United Church of Christ is part of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ. The Conference includes UCC churches in Kentucky and Indiana. We are also part of the Kentuckiana Association, which includes UCC churches mostly in the Louisville metro area. Bluegrass is currently the only UCC congregation in the Lexington area.