Kenny Bishop (he/him)

For nearly twenty years Kenny traveled with his dad and brother in one of Christian music’s most popular Southern Gospel trios, the Bishops. The group garnered several industry and fan awards as well as numerous number one and top-ten songs. Their music continues to be heard on every station and program that features Southern Gospel Music.

After the group retired in 2001, Kenny stepped away from performance to focus on a career in government and political campaigns. In 2006, he made a recording that garnered multiple Dove Awards nominations and a GRAMMY nomination.

Today, Kenny’s faith has been remade into what he feels is a more inspired and authentic version of a God who includes those who’ve been pushed to the margins.

Besides his pastoral work, Kenny works for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and manages his own planning/production company. He continues to write and produces recordings from time to time. He lives in Lexington with his husband Mason, dog Ragamuffin and cat Bela. He has two children and four grandchildren.

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“I hope that I always hold on to the specialness of this incredible place. I hope I never get used to seeing those who’ve been told that God doesn’t have a place for them to finally realize that the truth is just the opposite – God longs for them and desires to be their friend. I hope I never get over that.”

Pam Lee-Miller (she/her)

Born and raised in small town Kentucky and the daughter of a Baptist minister, Pam learned both the value of close community and the disadvantages of part of the community where everyone knows everyone. She appreciates the small town concern and the wave to strangers, but in the same tension has experienced the disadvantages of “Being in a fishbowl.

Today, community and church continue to be important aspects of Pam’s life. She is a champion for the underdog and always roots for those who are disenfranchised. The tools she gleaned from her life as a preacher’s kid continue to be a part of who she is. Pam is committed to empowering others, encouraging the downtrodden, and to opening the window to help others believe in their greatest gift, themselves.

Besides her work as a pastor, Pam works in healthcare, is a writer, a photographer, a sketch artist and a hiker.

Pam is originally from Nortonville, Kentucky, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and Lexington Theological Seminary. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, Mike. They have two children, Madison and Braham.

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“I err on the side of mercy always and I believe grace is a gift I’ve received and should give. I believe all are connected by some invisible force of ‘Mystical Love,’ and our encounters with each other provide the means to articulate who we are, where we are going, and help us discover how to get there.”


The church council oversees the finances and business operations of the church.

Stacy Greene – Moderator
Timmy Smallwood – Vice Moderator
Marsha Johnson – Secretary
Bonnie Mink – Treasurer
Gentry Hambrick – Outreach

*Jean Daniel serves as Treasurer’s Assistant

The church elders provide spiritual support for the pastors and church members.

Daniel Beasley
Deb Core
Ron Johnson
Lin Stocker
Cindy Terry
Enid Wohlstein
Jeff Wood

The church trustees manage and maintain the church structures and property.

Stanley Chelf
Edmond Edwards
Dale Hamilton
Ron Johnson
Seth Tuska

Marsha J. Moors-Charles (she/her)
Founding Pastor

Raised in a rural Southern Baptist Church, Marsha became interested in studying biblical scripture and theology in an effort to reconcile messages of exclusivity and rejection that she had heard. As her faith developed, she had deep questions of how God works in the world and in the hearts and minds of believers and seekers alike.

In August of 2006, after a 20-year career in accounting and human resources, Marsha answered the call to ministry that she first felt as a teenage She enrolled at Lexington Theological Seminary, and in May of 2010 she graduated with a M. Div. degree, and in June was ordained into ministry with the co-sponsorship of Woodland Christian Church (DOC) in Lexington, Kentucky, First Congregational Church of San Jose, California (UCC), and United Discipleship Church in San Jose, California. She currently holds duel ministerial standing with both the Disciples of Christ and the United Church of Christ.

In August 2006 Marsha was called by the Kentuckiana Association of the United Church of Christ to provide pastoral leadership for a new church start in Lexington, Kentucky. She served as Senior Pastor of Bluegrass United Church of Christ until her retirement on June 13, 2021.

Along with her family business, Marsha also works as a realtor and manages her own accounting and client relations company. She lives in Lexington with her wife Brenda and fur baby Winnie.