We celebrate and affirm  the uniqueness and beauty of God’s LGBTQ+ children

We are proud to be designated an Open and Affirming congregation. by the United Church of Christ. We are committed to being a safe place for the LGBTQ+ community for open and honest conversation about human sexuality and gender identity, and we are a designated “safe place” for LGBTQ and questioning youth.

We advocate for marriage equality, we happily accommodate and participate in same-sex weddings, and we take great joy in celebrating the anniversaries of LGBTQ+ married and partnered couples.

Along with participating in several area Pride festivals, we take joy in partnering with the Imperial Court of Kentucky, AVOL and other LGBTQ+ organizations as well as being a willing host for PFLAG and other LGBTQ+ support groups.

In 1969 the United Church of Christ was the first major denomination to affirm civil rights for LGBTQ+ people. In 1972, the denomination ordained the first openly gay person to ministry, and in 1985 the denomination declared itself “open and affirming.” The UCC was the first denomination to endorse marriage equality. 

Bluegrass is proud to be designated an Open and Affirming Congregation by the United Church of Christ.

If you have questions, or if you are struggling with how to reconcile your sexuality with your faith, we are always ready to talk with you. Reach out to us and allow us to walk with you while you find the peace you need.

In June 2019 Bluegrass hosted Dr. Lisa W. Davison, Professor of Hebrew Bible at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa for a presentation on homosexuality and the bible. Dr. Davison brought an accurate understanding and an honest perspective to what the bible really says about the issue.

Dr. Lisa Davison’s expertise lies in the fields of Hebrew Bible (Christian First Testament), Women in the Bible, Sexuality and the Bible, Contemporary issues (justice, gender, race, economics) and the Bible, and Christian use and mis-use of the Hebrew Bible (Christian First Testament). Her writings include the book,  Preaching the Women of the Bible, along with commentaries, essays and entries in major theological books and bible commentaries. She is currently working on her second book, this one about women in the Hebrew Bible who are remembered without being described as mothers or “barren”.