We stand with our brothers, sisters and others of color, and against  any form of racism.

We believe that humanity in all its forms was created by God and in God’s image and likeness. We do not believe God created racism or superior groups of humans. We do not believe that God sanctions human suffering.

We believe white supremacy and racism are the original sins of our nation, and its horrible hand is still at work in our city, our state, our country, and around the world. We are committed to speaking out against it in all forms, and standing with those who are its victims.

In an effort to better understand the plight of the oppressed, we cultivate and foster relationships to be more aware of the issues. We seek to know better the traditions and cultures that are not like ours. We listen and learn and then use the knowledge we’ve gained to be the church’s voice on their behalf.

We invite and encourage and provide a safe place for bold conversations and direct engagement. We participate in social activism to help bring attention to racist systems and structures.

As we learn of those who have suffered at the heavy hands of recreant law enforcement, we speak out for the victim’s justice and we call for the officer’s discipline – aware that most police are people of integrity and fairness.

We acknowledge that there are many injustices related to racism, among them:
– inhumane social confinement and mass incarceration
– surveillance of communities of color
– human trafficking and enslavement
– deportation and separation of families in immigrant communities
– the use of armaments and terrorism on innocent civilians
– militarized tactics by law enforcement
– poorer government investment in minority schools and communities

We subscribe the the United Church of Christ’s call for restorative racial justice.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about our stand for racial justice.