Bluegrass United Church of Christ
Bluegrass United Church of Christ

In the life of our members, there is a diversity of needs and opportunities for extended ministry. Pastoral, Marriage, and Bereavement Counseling is available from our pastor and/or elders. 


As we travel life’s journey, we will have times of challenge and difficulty—times of celebration and joy.  Our Pastor and Elders are available to offer pastoral care and to minister to special needs of our church family.If you have a specific need, you are encouraged to send an  email or submit a prayer request.  Examples of general pastoral care are sickness, hospitalization, grief, relationship issues, etc.  For emergencies, please contact our Pastor via cell phone 859-983-9399.  For non-emergency needs, the Pastor will contact you to set up an appointment.  Depending on the need and/or the confidential nature of the issue, the Pastor may ask an Elder to meet with you as they partner with our pastor in the spiritual care and nourishment of our church family.


Bluegrass UCC believes that churches should welcome ALL those who wish to become part of a local congregation.  Joining our church means that one has chosen to be in covenant with our congregation and has found a ‘church home’ and ‘church family’.  Members can join by transfer of membership from another faith community or by profession of faith.   It has been a deep and meaningful ritual for new members of Bluegrass UCC to be received with a water blessing or baptism.  The Pastor holds regular ‘chat with the pastor’ sessions, an informal time to gather information about our denomination and our church.  Typically, one joins Bluegrass UCC by coming forward during our closing hymn and being welcoming by our extended church family. 


We celebrate when two people find companionship and love and want to commit their lives to sharing and caring for each other. Details and a schedule of fees for the use of the church and the policy of our pastors is available here.


Home Communion is available for members who are unable to come to Sunday worship services for an extended period of time.  Our Pastor and/or elders provide this special time of worship and meditation. 


We exist for you. If we can minister to you, please reach out to us here.