The Bible & Homosexuality

The congregation at Bluegrass United Church of Christ is diverse. Our members, regular attendees and visitors come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, church traditions and beliefs. Because we are an open and affirming congregation, we often hear from members of the LGBTQ+ community who are looking for answers to the difficult teachings of retribution, punishment and exclusion they heard growing up their more conservative churches. For those seekers, and because a sizable portion of our church family identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning or otherwise, we want to provide answers to some of those difficult questions and hopefully provide some reconciliation between their faith and their sexuality. We also hope to better equip those allies who stand alongside our LGBTQ+ family.

Please join us for one or both of these presentations that are sure to offer some assurance that God loves you, desires you and receives you just as you are.

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 @ 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Join us for a casual time of pizza and snacks as we watch For the Bible Tells Me So, a film that explores the intersection between religion and homosexuality in the U.S. and how the religious right has used its interpretation of the Bible to stigmatize the gay community. 

This 2007 American documentary film directed by Daniel G. Karslake is about homosexuality and its perceived conflict with Christianity, as well as various interpretations of what the Bible says about same-sex sexuality. It includes lengthy interview segments with several sets of religious parents, including former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt and his wife, Jane, and the parents of Bishop V. Gene Robinson regarding their personal experiences raising homosexual children. It also includes interviews with those adult children.

The film features an animated segment, "Is Homosexuality a Choice?", in which a summary of the then-current scientific theories about sexual orientation is given.

The film premiered at the2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Saturday, June 15 @ 9:00 am - noon

Let us offer you a donut or pastry and a cup of coffee as you join Pastors Marsha, Pam and Kenny and Bible scholar Rev. Dr. Lisa W. Davison as they bring biblical understanding and an honest perspective to what the Bible really says about gender and homosexuality. 

Rev. Dr. Lisa W. Davison is Professor of Hebrew Bible at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, OK. Her writings include the book, Preaching the Women of the Bible, commentary on the book of Job for The New Interpreter’s Study Bible, essays on the major prophets for The College Study Bible, an essay in Tabletalk, entries for the Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Movement, a sermon in Those Preaching Women: A Multicultural Collection, and essays on “Ruth & Naomi” and “Bathsheba” for Just Women Bible Study. She is currently working on her second book, this one about women in the Hebrew Bible who are remembered without being described as mothers or “barren”.

Rev. Dr. Davison's expertise lies in the fields of Hebrew Bible (Christian First Testament), Women in the Bible, Sexuality and the Bible, Contemporary issues (justice, gender, race, economics) and the Bible, and Christian use and mis-use of the Hebrew Bible (Christian First Testament).