who we are

Bluegrass United Church of Christ is part of the Indiana-Kentucky Conference, which includes United Church of Christ congregations in Kentucky and Indiana, and the Kentuckiana Association, which includes 21 UCC churches, most of which are located in Louisville and just across the river in Indiana. 

Early in our development, the pastor, church council, and congregation adopted the following statements of ‘Who We Are’:

We seek to be diverse in race, culture, faith tradition, sexual orientation, economics, physical/mental abilities and in all ways we are uniquely created.
We affirm and value all individuals and types of families.
We wrestle with tough questions with no easy answers.
We advocate for social justice and peace in our world.
Our worship style is blended with a variety of music and liturgy.
We "come as we are" as we journey together to "be who God calls us to be."
We read scripture, pray, reflect, meditate, sing and share weekly communion.
We welcome an informal dress code.
We enjoy each other, care for one another and care for our world.

We are UNITED in our DIVERSITY to love and serve in God’s world.