We are happy to talk with you about having your ceremony at Bluegrass United Church of Christ.

Marriage is one of the most important steps that you will ever take. In Christian marriage, this step is taken before God.  Hence your marriage is of concern to the faith community as well. The religious wedding service is the public commitment to the union before family, church, community and God.

Marriage is a venture of faith.   Promises are made to bear with each other’s infirmities and weaknesses, to rejoice in each other’s strengths, to stand by the other in both good and troubled times. The wedding service is a sacred service in which the couple pledges life-long faithfulness.

The staff of Bluegrass United Church of Christ stands ready to make your wedding day a most happy and memorable one.  We will be happy to consider any special requests you may have regarding the ceremony within reason.  It must always be remembered, however, that the service is first of all a Service of Worship.  We want to feel close to God in the wedding ceremony.  We ask God’s blessings upon your marriage through this act of worship.

We make preparations for various events in life.   The church feels that preparation is also needed for marriage. The Pastor expects each couple to give time for pre-marital counseling.  Dates for these sessions will be scheduled for mutually convenient times. Once these dates are set, it is expected that every effort shall be made to keep them without interference from other commitments.  Generally, the pastor meets with the couple three separate times (approximately one hour each time) and then attends a rehearsal and of course, the wedding ceremony.

The date of the wedding itself should be set early – several months or more in advance if possible.  This will ensure the availability of the church on the date of your choice. If a wedding coordinator will be used, s/he should arrange to meet with the minister in a timely fashion to ensure consistency with the planning.

It is expected that the services of the Pastor will be used. Another minister may perform a ceremony in the church or share the ceremony with our pastor only with the permission of the Church Council and the pastor of the congregation.


Bluegrass United Church of Christ has adopted the following schedule of fees for wedding ceremonies.

One check for the above fees, made out to Bluegrass United Church of Christ should be given to the Pastor no later than the rehearsal date. Non-members are asked to make a 40% deposit when arrangements are first made. The deposit will apply to fees to be paid.

Download the complete Bluegrass United Church of Christ Wedding Policy and Fees Schedule.